FGU w/MAC and Syrinscape

Hello, I believe I’ve installed correctly all the various files in the said places. I’m using FGU with an iMac and Syrinscape. I can play sounds directly from Syrinscape no problem. When I’m using FGU with Syrinscape and try to play sounds from within, I receive a message asking which application do I want to use to play the sounds. I’ve no idea why its doing this. Also during gameplay the message pops up repeatedly, I assume the sound prompt in the coding is asking for the program to play a sound which it can’t. Hope that makes sense, please help. Thanks.

I use Syrinscape and an iMac as well. I haven’t seen that error, but here’s my setup, which works flawlessly.

mattekure’s mod/extension package works with Syrinscape online, and also adds chat triggers that parse the chat box to provide sound effects. Cast a fireball or swing a sword, and Syrinscape files play automatically. A third program that’s needed- Syrinscape Bridge, a helper app that deals with the different way Macs deal with internet addresses. https://github.com/Moroverse/syrinscape_bridge/releases

Yes, apparently, I need this bridge. Another post from another user was linked with similar info. So since you are a Mac user, is there a certain place the zip file needs to go, or does it automatically do what its supposed to do? I also am having trouble opening it, my Mac says it can’t verify if its malicious software. omg why is this difficult lol

ok, I figured that out, so this just runs in the background?

Yes. Once you launch it, you’ll see a message saying “You may close this window at any time. Just leave Syrinscape Bridge running in the Dock.” Click the red button, the window will close but you’ll see the active icon (black dot underneath) in your dock.

Just in case you’re still having trouble launching the program- right clicking on the zip file should give you the option to open the Mac-unverified software. By default, it will install in your applications folder. Unless you’ve modified your hot keys, command-spacebar opens the search window, type Syr and that’s probably enough to let you see and launch the program.

Hi folks, thanks for the help so far. I now have the program running without giving me an error message, but the sound doesn’t play! FML. I watched a video where it said to remove the old mods. I have currently the Rob2e FGU mods installed from the guild store. Are those to be removed in place of the Syrinscape bridge mod? thanks in advance.

I’ve got lots of mods and extensions, and they don’t conflict with Syrinscape Bridge Mod. But without knowing exactly what mods you’ve got- who knows? Try launching a clean campaign with nothing but mattekure’s stuff and SBM, and see if that works. mattekure (John Waite) has his own channel over on Rob2E’s Discord channel, and he’s very helpful troubleshooting his many products. Here’s an invite to Rob’s Discord: https://discord.gg/da9ZYCHM