Feature Request: Supersyrin Bots

So, a lot of folks are ending up using Bots (particularly on Discord, but I guess other platforms are available) to avoid problems with syncing using the online player.

This can be fiddly for non-technical users to do well: any chance of syrinscape hosting a bot for subscribers instead? It could be added/associated with accounts from the online control panel, and would mean that there is no dependency on the end users’ hardware to foul things up. It also should reduce bandwidth usage on Syrinscape’s end, and might reduce latency.

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I feel as though devoting resources into making a discord bot when there are already options would be a waste of resources.

I’d like to instead see them increase their server diversity across the regions and improve their network framework to lower ping based on a user’s location. This would improve the latency and sync issues and then allow them to greater diversify the options we have as users to diversify our sound libraries as well as improve the user interface and hopefully allow us to use the desktop app to run online games at some point

I don’t see those as being mutually exclusive, though, and the bot would be an easy win (which would also happen to reduce latency and eliminate sync issues).

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘diversify’, but I think that improving user interface is a third request (and running online games through the desktop app a fourth), and I’m not sure how running servers in more locations helps with either - perhaps I’m missing something?

I like the flexibility of the syrinscape online; I like that I can edit a soundscape on the fly and not have to worry about whether all of the samples will upload in bulk later. And if I’m unhappy with the user interface, using their REST API, I can build my own (see elsewhere). But I’m afraid the idea of having each player (in the game) link their player (app) to syrinscape online hasn’t worked out so well.

Individuals making their own discord bots is a proven concept, but it relies on you having a machine to run things on, and being able to pipe the audio. For many people, that means having a second machine, to avoid running the GMs own audio through the same channels. It requires some technical aptitude. And it doesn’t work uniformly well across all devices. Additionally, the audio has to be streamed twice, to the bot’s machine and then on to discord.

I’d like to see less emphasis on the online player apps, and more use of syrinscape online as a backend service; yes, absolutely allow an option to let the desktop player/tablet app control online (although for some people offline access will also be important!) - but let’s give people more transparent out of the box ways of piping the audio out, as well.

Here are some recent feedbacks from new users that I feel illustrate why this might be worth considering:

And, in the interests of balance, here is what I think is the biggest blocker:

Therefore the proposed solution would, of course, need some platform to host both the bot and the player. I do wonder, though, if something like heroku could be spun up on the fly to do this?