Feature Request - Adjust multiple elements at once

I was wondering if there is a way to adjust multiple elements at once by the same amount?

I am starting to explore more with creating own soundsets. But within a soundset, I may think hmmm… those 3 elements are too loud, but I love the balance between them, can I just adjust them all by the same percentage…

Is this possible? :slight_smile:

Just for reference, would you like the change to be proportional or not? Example:

(Using Storm and Wave as Element Names)

If Storm is at 100% and Wave is at 80%, and you adjust it to reduce storm to 90%, do you want Wave to be at 72% (proportional) or 70%?

Yeah that is what I would want in this scenario :).

Edit: Sorry that didnt help haha “x or y” my answer “yes” haha.

I think proportional would be the right way.