Feature Request: Add a "New (i.e., not yet installed) Soundsets" sidebar

So, SyrinScape is a brilliant program, and it performed brilliantly in my very first D&D campaign Friday night/Saturday morning (a 7-hour game!). I noticed that on the left side of the program, there are selections for “All Soundsets”, “Purchased”, “Unpurchased”, and “Installed”.

These are great options, but I would respectfully suggest that at least one critical (IMHO) option has been overlooked.

“New SoundSets”, or maybe “Available SoundSets” would be more accurate. As SyrinScape is a dynamically updating program, with new official sound sets being released all the time, it makes hunting for new downloadable content (like the recent Battle of Wolven Pass and Bell Monk Temple sets) a little annoying, since we currently have to scroll through all the sound sets at the moment. Alphabetical order is logical in many ways, but aggravating in this instance.

Alternately, you might consider having all the newly released SoundSets cluster together at the top of the list, just below Custom Moods, and only assign them alphabetical hierarchy when they are actually downloaded and installed.

As a followup (and maybe this is already in the wings), a bar for SuperSyrin custom stuff might also be added.


I was just thinking about this again, and I would agree. The Sci-Fi theme makes it a little hard to tell if it’s new. I’ll also comment on the Sci-Fi theme updates. Maybe instead of the blue update flag, make it off color like red. Sometimes it’s hard to catch if their is an update.