Fateforge Soundset

I’m currently starting a Fateforge campaign and noticed some announcements back in 2019 on social media from both Syrinscape and Studio Agate regarding a soundset for Fateforge thanks to their original, successful Kickstarter campaign.

Based on that, and the fact I’m also running Age of Ashes in Pathfinder 2e, I went ahead and signed up for a SuperSyrin subscription and installed the player. I searched the store before doing that for soundsets, and couldn’t initially find what I was looking for. But, I chalked it up to me just not understanding the store search or searching the wrong terms (the latter turned out to be partially true for Age of Ashes).

After a bunch of searching, I did find soundsets for Age of Ashes, albeit pretty scattered and not complete in the form of community content. However, I never found anything regarding Fateforge. After opening a ticket with Studio Agate to see if I needed to get it from them or some other workaround, it turns out it hasn’t been created yet.

All that said, just wondering what the ETA is for the Fateforge soundset? Also, are there plans to finish the Age of Ashes campaign soundsets beyond the first 3 parts? That adventure path is also a few years old at this point.

While I am utilizing the software, and still think it will add value to my table, I have to say I was pretty bummed to see advertisements regarding Pathfinder support and Fateforge soundsets, only to find they’re actually not available or incomplete (or I have to make them myself in the interim). There are tons of complete soundsets for both D&D and Pathfinder 1st Edition, so it’s pretty bad luck on my end that these campaigns/settings just happen to be the ones not available right now. So, while I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, I can’t help but feel a little bait-and-switched.

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I am also running Age of Ashes and I am about to move on to the Cult of Cinders adventure path. I wish they had that sound set. I am a graduate student, completing my M.Ed and do not have extra time to create my own. At the price point, I was hoping to find the completed path. It’s strange that they made some but evidently didn’t finish it??