Fast forward elements/samples in library view?

Hi there,
not sure if this hast been suggested already, but it would be nice to have the option to fast forward samples or elements inside library view or mood element playlist view. That way I could skim over longer samples like music to get a feeling for the mood of these pieces quicker. As it is I have to listen to these samples from beginning to ending.


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Good idea. We did deploy something to help with this kind of thing internally once. I wonder what shape that code is in. It was a looooooong time ago, so it may not even be usable any more. Let me check.

Following up on this… I’m currently going through the sample library to put together my custom playlist, and so I’m giving everything a listen.

Is there a way to navigate the tracks forward and back like every other media player?

Some of the samples are 3+ minutes long, and I’d love to be able to just listen for 5 sec, skip ahead, listen for 5 sec, etc.

Listening to the full library of samples without such a feature is going to be a MASSIVE time commit, and I have to imagine users regularly evaluate tracks to include in their playlists, especially new users.