Fantasy & Sci-fi player on Android - Lat scrolling issue


I downloaded both players on my Redmi Note 8 Pro … but i can’t use them : To access the list of soundsets to download, i have to scroll from left to right to make the list appear.

But the list won’t stick : it shows a bit but as soon as i release my finger, it collapse againto the left.

So, i can’t access any soundset on my phone. That’s weird.

Am i the only one with this issue ?

Thank you.

Hi @florian_turchet,

I suppose the silence here suggests no-one else is experiencing something similar? I’ve not heard of anything similar via our support email?

Did you make any further progress? Scaling? Portrait vs Landscape? Crossing fingers?


I found the trick : you can click on the “purple jewel” on the upper left corner to expand the list.

Still don’t know why the scrolling isn’t working.