Fantasy Player Won't Update Custom Sets

I have been unable to get my Fantasy Player to update one of my own custom sets, as well as another that someone in the community did. They always show with a red flag on them, but when I try to update, it runs through the motions (showing a red bar move from left to right on the title box in the left column), but no message across the top of the screen indicating a download is in process. I have my own custom set that shows correctly with the Online Player, but for the Fantasy Player, is is not updated to show the changes I’ve made to the sound lineup or arrangement on the Online Player.

Might anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this issue (which has been going on for over a month now).

Hi @acroyear4, :slight_smile:

Sometimes the flag can get stuck on. Does you SoundSet, actually look like it may actually be up to date.

AND/OR let me know the name of the SoundSet and I’ll give it a bump. :robot: :hammer:

Hi Ben,
My Fantasy Player reads that it is version 1.4.3-20190527. That does seem like a while ago (May 2019). How do I update the version? Do I need to uninstall it and download it again, or would just downloading it again overwrite the existing file with the updates?

Also, in case you need it, the custom sound set I am having difficulty updating is called DM’s Classic Adventure.

That is an older version.

Just run the latest installer from the website and it will update right over the top of the old one.

Let us know how you go. :smiley:

Hello Again,
I was successful in downloading the newest version of the Fantasy Player (version 1.4.10-PO), but I still have no luck getting my custom sound set titled DM’s Classic Adventure to update. I also see I have another custom set (not one that I created) that will also not update; it is titled Sleeping Dragon’s Wake: Bronze Shrine. I did try clearing the sound data for my own custom sound set and then reloading it, but it did not load the updated version, just the old one, and then red flagged it again.

To make sure all was working as intended, I did download a new sound set called Iron Golem Battle, and that one loaded up quickly with no issue (and wow, what a great sound set!).

Would you be able to give the two troublesome sound sets a “bump” as you mentioned before? When you have time, of course (not a rush).