Fantasy Player will not see that the PC is Blessed


I have all three players installed on my laptop, the SiFi, and Board Game players are working great, but the Fantasy Player thinks that my laptop has not been blessed. I have check to make sure it was, and the other players except that it is,
I have even logged out of the Fantasy player, and logged back in, and even uninstalled it and reinstalled to no avail.
Please help as this is the one I use the most.


Hmm… there does seem to be a bit of a blessing bug… I will get @sonofconan to look into this on Monday.

Working for you now? I’ve hit your account with a blessing hammer… (lolz) (I crack me up).

Also = THANKS for the loooooooooooooooooooooong sub!!! :cake::beers:


Yes it is working now thanks.