Fantasy player loggs out by it self

I My fantasy player falls out by it self.
My Sci Fi player never do?
I am a super syrin subscriber.

I play online gaming and tabletop gaming.
I had this problem a long time.


This maaaaay be something that is easier to help you with via the support email, but let’s give it a go here.

What do you mean “logs out” or “falls out”?

Are you syaing each time you start the app you have to sign in with your email and password afresh? This would be strange. Sounds like something might be ‘cleaning’ your registry or cache for you? Do you have any software that does that?

Also, have you considered trying the Web Player? There are MANY good reasons to be using that: better search, online player, remote control, VTT integration.

Either way… give me a bit more info and we’ll see if we can help. :slight_smile:

Hello Benjamin.

I have Sci-Fi player like loads of Lovecraft added to the Fantasy Player.
Some albums and song I added from my own music.

When I play fantasy Player table top it loges out by it self.
I love the new player who is amazing online,
but its complicated when I use other ambient MP3 together.

You are probably a busy person,
If you would have a short talk on Discord
it would be great.

Been a long time supersyrin and Its one of the best programs made to RPG.
I love to talk about /chat about starting my own channels in Europe.
This will be in English and Norwegian.

I like to learn to make music as I been bass/vocalist much of my life.
Got Norwegian band that like to make my introduction and a artist working on my intro.

Hopefully when I start my plans on showing RPG,
Podcasts and share my long time knowledge as DM over 30+ years.
Thinking on working on starting a RPG for kids at schools,
because of my own background.

NOW my AD/HD starts sharing more then what was the question:-)

Hope we can talk face to face when I get better at programing.


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So the Fantasy Player crashes?

Is that what you are saying. :grinning:

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jepp :slight_smile: and was wondering why?

It is happening on my laptop, home PC and same with my tablet.
I been a superscribe from he start and like to to know this problem.
Never started using the the online player before,
but It should be easier for my game around the table from-now on.

Could it be that tracks I added from other RPG ambient etc added to the fantasy player may cause tech problems and the Sci-Fi player I use loads of Lovecraft stuff on the Fantasy player if that may help? Back and forth if you understand my point?

viking Norway


I been on a vacation to Prague some time so could not get a replay back.
But I hope you can figure out what is the problem.
I can be bit slow to answer because Fixing up the new house before Christmas:)

Very possibly. Could you do some testing and see whether there is something in particular playing WHEN you get the crash? Then I can have a go of that same content and see whether I get the same result.

We can sort this out!

Definitely check out this:

Works best in Firefox for me right now. :slight_smile:

The tracks I added are from a Kick-starter bellow and the Sci-fee Player.
here is the link to it soundtracks added :

Can you tell me the name of the SoundSet of yours that is crashing and I will take a look at it myself and see if I can get it to crash.

(please be exact with the name so I can find it easily). :slight_smile:


Its when I use fantasy player.
I added tracks from from the Sci-F to.

The things is that the Fantasy player falls out after some time what ever I play.
I know I should use the the Online player but at times I like using both.
Do this answer the question? :slight_smile: