Fantasy Grounds Unity and Syrinscape


I really like Syrinscape.

But, I’m not getting it to work as well in Fantasy Grounds Unity as it works in Fantasy Grounds Classic.

You have a beautiful library of sounds. But, during a game you need an agile way to be able to use it. I can’t stop the session to find a song.

For that reason I would like to suggest that you consider asking your developers to work on integrating with other platforms. Especially Fantasy Grounds Unity, which is the one with the greatest ability to take advantage of Syrinscape as seen in Classic.

The creation of an official integration of Syrinscape for FGU would be much appreciated.

And it could even be charged as some developers do.

Thank you.

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Works for me in Fantasy Grounds Unity… in fact, it is right now. :slight_smile: All the auto triggers and all.

Are you using the Syrinscape Sounds extension by mattekure? Not the DOE one.

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If you are used to the way the DOE stuff worked with Rob Twohy’s auto sounds, the new Syrinscape Sounds works a little differently ( and you will have to buy the two new extensions/modules) on DMs Guild. However, it works great once you are used to it, and you can use it with both the online player and the genre players.

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Hey, I wrote the extension for syrinscape thats available on DMGuild. I am aware of the issues it is having with Unity. Unity still has not been through its performance tuning, so I am hoping the situation will improve over the next month. After Unity has been fully released, I will re-evaluate the performance. The only impact comes from the first time you try to open the sounds window. It can take a very long time to load. On my machine, it takes about 10 minutes. If there are still performance issues, I will try to change up how the windows work to see if I can speed it up but still keep the ease of search.

As others here stated, all of the chat triggers and playing existing sound triggers work fine with no performance impact. If you never open the sounds window, it has no impact. As a workaround, currently I prepare my sounds and triggers in FG Classic and export them as a module. Then load that module in FG Unity. That gives me access to all the sounds I want without the loading issue. See if that works for you.



Thanks for jumping in here @mattekure


Unity really is with some performance issues.

Unity is still in Beta. I’m not going to make any judgments about the product until its ready for release. From what I see Unity offers huge potential for new capability to be developed into it. For me currently, its not playable as my computer is not much better than a potato. But others with hardware newer than my 8 year old PC, seem to be running ok.

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I’ve been running our team game in FGU and it’s been great. still has a few issues but considering the number of people trying to use it at the same time currently, its been doing a great job. I think once they have things all working properly it’s going to be a great tool. As Ben mentioned we’ve been using @mattekure’s Fantasy Grounds Syrinscape Links and its been great! Takes a while to load up at the minute but once you have it open it’s super easy to set up the links and get going :slight_smile:

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I have been using:

It works well and is free!

Takes a tiny bit of effort to learn how to import the links in, but after that it is easy. You can also just load in what you want to use, so is not slow at loading.


Great, thanks for sharing!

It’s fantastic to see so many people working on these and helping to bring audio into gaming! :slight_smile:


This extension is amazing; I prep my sessions, find my music, drag the pins on the map, and as they move to a different area on the map I have triggered, I click the pin, hit play, and viola! New mood plays just that easy!!!

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