Fantasy Grounds Unity and Syrinscape Sounds Extension


For anyone here who is using my syrinscape sounds extension for Fantasy Grounds Unity, you know there is a significant delay when opening the sounds window the first time. This morning, on the DMsGuild page I added a new condensed, alternate version of the sounds module (the extension has not changed).

The new condensed version only includes the sound links for Moods and One-Shots. It excludes the individual sound links for Music and Sound Effects elements.

In my testing of the new condensed version of the sound module, my load time in Unity dropped from around 9 minutes, down to around 25 seconds.


Fantastic! Thats a huge drop in load time :slight_smile:


Thanks MK :slight_smile:


What’s interesting is that with the full version, in FGU for Windows it takes forever (like you said, about 9 minutes). On the Mac version of FGU… 30 sec tops. With the full module.

I have to say, it’s the first time a gaming-anything has worked better for me on the Mac than Windows.

I wonder what the difference is.


That is interesting. I dont have a Mac to test on, so I’ve never been able to compare. It gives me hope that the developers will come up with a solution. I know they are aware of it, I have had several email exchanges with Smiteworks on the issue.


For anyone who uses my Fantasy Grounds extension for syrinscape.

Custom Sound Module Generation

Fantasy Grounds currently has performance issues with automated generation of large numbers of new sound links. This limitation causes the CSV import option to be unable to process more than a few hundred new records without either crashing or freezing. This limitation also makes it very difficult for individuals who have created many new items in the Syrinscape SoundsetCreator. If they have more than the limit, then the CSV process will simply not work for them.

I have been working on an alternative method which resolves all of these issues. I have created a website utility to generate your own custom fantasy grounds sound links module directly from your Syrinscape CSV download. Today I am making the website live for people to use. Instructions for use are on the website.

The benefits of using the website are that the sound module generated includes only the Syrinscape sound links that you own. It will not contain any dead links for products not included in your subscription, or not purchased. Also, it will contain all of the links to any sounds created in the Syrinscape Online Soundset creator.

For Fantasy Grounds Unity users, if you are experiencing long load times, you also have the option of excluding certain types of sound elements, such as moods, one-shots, music, and sound effects to reduce the size of the sound module. This can result in dramatically quicker load times.