Fantasy Grounds Syrinscape Sound Links - a testimonial

I’ve been running games with Fantasy Grounds and the Syrinscape Online Player for a couple of years now, and recently took the plunge on the Syrinscape Sound Links module/extension on DMsGuild along with the Chat Triggers add-on. I have to say it’s the missing piece of the puzzle that’s turned my audio game up to 11. If you’re a FG/SS GM you owe it to yourself to try it out.

Here’s what it’s given me

  1. I’ve never been able to use one-shots consistently effectively, as I’m usually too busy with the running of the game to find the right one-shot button when needed. The Chat Trigger add-on scans the chat window for key words or phrases and triggers appropriate one-shots. So if someone rolls to hit with a Longbow, it plays a longbow sound, when someone is brought to 0hp it plays a Wilhelm Scream, etc. It’s fairly easy to customise too, if you want something special for a special action. Now fight scenes are full of dynamic sound effects that reflect what’s happening in the game.
  2. Even though I’ve got the SS console open on another screen, when GMing in the moment I often forget to switch moods for scene changes and combats starting and ending, and when I do I find it a little clumsy shifting focus away from the FG window. The Sound Links extension lets you put links to trigger moods or elements directly into Story entries, or into hotkey buttons. I now have all my generic music playlists hotkeyed, making switching them an instantaneous action and as part of my prep I can embed clickable links for mood changes and manual one-shots into the adventure text right alongside Encounters, Parcels etc.
  3. Updating the module to support new or custom sounds is now a doddle - export the links CSV from the SS console, run it through a web-based tool the author has setup and it recompiles an updated version of the FG module for you. Prepping for this week’s sessions I found it a painless process to drop into SS to setup custom moods, quickly update the mod then back to FG to embed links to the new moods into the adventure.

I ran a session for the first time this week with everything setup and it ran incredibly smoothly. Links to mood changes were right there in the adventure text so I didn’t miss any of them, and the players seemed quite engaged by hearing the sounds of their attacks and spells happening seamlessly.

I’m not a shill for Syrinscape, Smiteworks or Rob2E, just a GM who’s been struggling to get the most out of running Syrinscape Online effectively. But this has been such a “road to Damascus” moment for me, I can’t recommend this extension highly enough.


Thank you very much! I’m glad you are enjoying the extension.

For anyone interested here is a link to the Fantasy Grounds extension on DMsGuild:

The optional triggers module contains prebuilt sound triggers for 5e is available here:

And lastly, my website for updating your sound links module using your syrinscape CSV file is here


This sounds very cool. Does anything like this exist for Roll20?

Not yet. All the tools are there and ready for them to use. If you’d like them to jump on the accelerator and get something done, advocating for that on their forums is probably a good tactic. :slight_smile: Especially if you can galvanise a bit of a group of other users behind, so your call doesn’t get blow away in the wind. Check out a few of the older threads to get a feel for where they are up to.

Let me know if I can do anything to help.

In the meantime… use @mattekure’s extension in Fantasy Grounds instead? It’s really GOOD! We use it in our team game.

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