Failure to Associate files?


I’ve just installed the newest version of Syrinscape, and associated it with Fantasy Grounds via an extension and two pieces of intermediary software.

When activating sounds in the player itself, everything seems to work. However, when I try to activate the linked sound it produces the following error:

I’ve already walked through the installation process again, of Syrinscape (uninstalled and re-installed), Fantasy Grounds (up to date), the extension and linking software. As best I can tell everything is functioning exactly as it is supposed to, save for this error. Any ideas on what I might do to get it working?


Maybe some adjustments have to be made to the extensions… @mattekure, can you help here or have you encountered the problem? :slight_smile:


This isnt my extension, its the AudioOverseer extension. But the issue has nothing to do with either extension. Fundamentally, both extensions work the same way for triggering audio. The audio link is passed to the Operating System to handle. When the Syrinscape Player is launched, it registers a handler with the OS to force links to open in that application (the same way that URLs will open in your default browser, or a mailto: link might open in your email application). Whats happening here is that the link is being passed to the OS, but the OS doesnt know what to do with it, so it prompts the user to get an application to handle it.


That sounds EXACTLY like what’s happening. So does that mean it’s something in Syrinscape then? Any ideas how I might resolve the issue?

Thanks for all the help!


I cant speak to your specific situation. I have heard from several users who experienced similar issues. Most were fixed by fully uninstalling and reinstalling the client.

Of the reports I saw, most were from Mac users, and they ended up using a little helper application that a community user developed. But you are obviously on Windows, so that doesnt apply.


I’ll try that again and see what happens.


Well, I managed to get it to work but I had to roll back to the previous version of the Sci-Fi player. Note for the future I suppose. Thanks everyone for the assistance!


@sonofconan Did we change anything here with the latest build?


Hi all (@steelight514)

We have done extensive testing and found:

  1. the latest version AND the previous version work on my totally updated version of Windows 10
  2. possibly the latest version does NOT work on Windows 7.

Which version of:

  1. Syrinscape Online Player App
  2. Windows

Are you using?


I’m using the Sci-Fi Player app.
Current Version (works) - syrinscape-1.4.3-20190527
First attempt version (didn’t work) - 1.4.7-p5

Windows 10 Home (verified up to date)

This is my first foray into Syrinscape AND Fantasy Grounds, so it’s entirely possible that I just screwed something up in the set up. I do appreciate the verification and testing efforts however!