"Failed to Validate" - RESOLVED


Hi! I’ve seen other people have had this issue before, where I get an error message saying Syrinscape had failed to validated my activated soundtracks after successfully logging in. It tells me to log in again, but I get the same error message.

I’m definitely not logged in on more than 3 devices, and my subscription is active until January - I’ve tried restarting the app and restarting my laptop. Is there anything else I can do? I figured I’d ask here rather than going right to attempting to reinstall the software. I’m using a mac if that sheds any further light?

Thanks in advance!


Edit: It seems to have fixed itself!



Yeah, sometimes, if our server is hit particularly hard with looks of people, this can happen to a few people. There was a big lump in action about the time you posted. We are investigating. I shall post info here if we find anything juicy… (eg "It was a nationstate attacking essential services = probably not) :smiley:

Sorry for the hassle and thanks for your patience! :slight_smile: