Failed to retrieve manifest for IPhone 7


I have the subscription for the sound packs and it shows under my purchased. But for instance when I try to download castle ravencloft it just fails and says “failed to retrieve manifest” and it’s like that for all of them.


Hi @oscarkilla,

Firstly, THANKS for your support as a sub.

Secondly, i think there is one other person experiencing this at the moment. We are looking into it.

The full dev team will be back on board on Sydney Monday morning in 19 hours, so expect a full resolution then, but in the meantime, I’ve given your account a bump refresh.

Working for you now?

Q) When you are logged into the website, does it should your sub status correct at the top right of the page?

Let us know! :slight_smile:


I had fixed the issue, just ended up deleting the app and redownloading


Yay! That’s good to hear!

I wonder what was happening.

I blame ACTUAL Goblins!!! :japanese_goblin: