Extreme Lag, the music will get blue but will not play

Im a super syrinscape, I’m one hour in game and it has not run yet.

Hi @mfashida,

We’ll take a look to see if anything seems amiss.

Apart from that, YOU might try:

  • check internet quality
  • restart everything
  • watch out for actual goblins(?) :slight_smile:

We also had many issues with Syrinscape last night as well. It would start playing tracks on it’s own, severe lag, would not respond for minutes or the online player would crash. Several players reset, I had to reset and it still would have issues over the 4 hours we were playing online. No issues with hardware, internet connection nor any goblins. This is not the first time but certainly the worst night we have had with audio from Syrinscape.

I am having issues with the online player not responding or taking a long time to load. Or moods not playing or not stopping.

The same issues happen on different devices and on different internet connections.

SuperSyrin subscriber

I took a look and did discover a few issues that could explain increased latency or unresponsiveness, and possibly sync issues with the master interface.

I have hopefully resolved the immediate symptoms now, and we have a few leads to further investigate further to try and track down the root cause.


Thanks for looking into this. Looking good so far

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