Extinction Curse


I was wondering if anyone has put together a soundset for Extinction Curse yet. I plan to start running this campaign in about a month. (just finished Malevolence and the soundset for that one was amazing!).

I know there’s nothing official yet, but I’m just trying to get a head start.


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Tell me what sorts of locations, monsters, encounters, moods, etc that you’re looking for and I’ll be happy to help!

The adventure starts with them performing in a circus. ( I have carousel music from the Witchlight set and Act two from the Circus Music set.)

I’d also like various crowd reactions to the performance. (cheering, awe, laughter, fear, etc.) the occasional heckler too.

They’ll end up dealing with a plant that releases toxic spores from pods when disturbed.

There will be a battle with a cockatrice, a bear, vipers, water mephits, and a crazy druid with a swarm of rats.

Any help with that list would be a huge help.

Okay, for cheering, etc, do you have Stony Beach yet? Because downloading that includes a number of universal one-shots that have the majority of those great reactions (gasp, groan, applause, etc). Then use the Theater set from Dragon’s Heist, which has a number of audience sounds (nice audience, rowdy audience, laughter, etc). There’s also an element called “halfling play” which is wordless sounds that could sound rather insulting indeed for a heckler!

For the toxic plant spores, try the Corpse Lotus Battle, perhaps combined with the Vrock Battle (as that also has a spore release one-shot).


Cockatrice - have to combine some here. Use Descent into Avernus - Path of Demons Part 1 - and use the “abyssal chicken” element. Combine that with some of the “Flying Fiend Battle” for hisses and wingbeats, and then use the “ice spell” universal one-shot for its petrification bite.

Bear - Dungeon of the Mad Mage 7 has a great “cave bear battle” mood. Or Tiger Battle can suit as well.

Vipers - use the “giant constrictor snake fight” in Wild Beyond the Witchlight 2, the Locations in Hither set, and then add in from Flying Fiend Battle the “flying fiend hisses” and “flying fiend bites”, which sound like really sharp bites.

Water Mephits - the “mud mephit fight” from Wild Beyond the Witchlight 2, Arrival and Random Encounters works pretty well, you’d just have to add some additional water elements (from Elements - Rain or Down Comes Rain, perhapts).

Crazy Druid with Swarm of Rats - “crazy laugh” from Dragon’s Demand - Dragon Slayers. D&D Druid Spells. And Curse of Strahd’s Village of Barovia I - “rat fight” (which is a swarm).

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Those suggestions did help and chapter 1 went well.

I have most of chapter 2 all set I just need help with a couple encounters.

  1. an evil clown with a mechanical carny from a rival circus attacks the party.

  2. a battle in a barn with a couple earth and fire mephits.

Thanks in advance

This is an awesome community and @HECook is officially a genius! :pizza: :beers: :fire: :trophy:


For the evil clown, Kobold Lair has a great “crazy laugh” element, and the set Spooky has a great crazy laugh one-shot. For the mechanical carny, the Clockwork Entities set would be what you want. For music during the fight, there is a set called Music - Circus, and either the Act One or Act Two elements would be very suitable. Or in Wild Beyond the Witchlight, Witchlight Carnival 1, has an element called “calliope music detuned” would would also be great.

For the battle in a barn, there’s a few elements you can combine. Try the Farmland set for a start (including animals and insect flybys), then add the “creaking building” element from Black Magga Battle. For the earth and fire mephits, in Wild Beyond the Witchlight 2, Arrival and Random Encounters, there is a mud mephit fight, and Dungeon of the Mad Mage 15 has a magma mephit fight, so you could take the elements from those two, and possibly combine them with Elemental - Fire and Elemental - Earth to reinforce their natures.

I hope that helps!


does anyone have a detailed list of soud sets for chapter 2 of the show must go on, still really new to syrinscape and its quite daunting going in from scratch!

@benjamin I’m not sure if you can do this, Can you give a copy of the soundset I made for Show Must Go On: Part 2 to matt?

Hey man, thanks for asking the question!