European server



Any plans for setting up servers in europe?
The latency is pretty bad, taking about 2 seconds sometimes for sounds to play.
Especially with the triggers for FG, this doesn’t really work.


We have talked about looking at other servers but it’s not something we have done as yet. Your latency shouldn’t be that high though. Our servers are on the US West Coast and Ben uses Syrinscape Online in Aus and I use it in the UK with much quicker speeds that that.

Give this a try;

  • run a speed test to your OWN city…
  • and then a speed test to WestCoast US, which is where our servers are based
  • give us the numbers from those tests

We’ve had some people find that their internet service provider was severely deprioritising traffic from the US West Coast. A few people that have had this have found that setting up a VPN sorted it for them. So maybe that is an option?


Does this latency also happen when you repeatedly using the same sound? You have to take into consideration that the data has to be downloaded to your device on the initial play trigger. Depending on your internet speed this can take a short bit, depending on the file size. BUT - once it is stored, the next playback should be instantaneous.

So,in addition to what Steve has already asked, can you check if you have the lag on repeated playback attempts, please? :wink:


Yes, important question here @sebastiaanbabyn


We tried Syrinscape Online for the first time last night in my game (Finland, Europe). It seems that I can switch between servers #5 and #6 in the Master Interface. Server #6 was selected by default.

On server #6 it could take anywhere from 5 to even 60 seconds to play a one-shot sound (yes, even using the same sound repeatedly), which rendered the whole service virtually unusable.

After switching to server #5 the one-shot sounds would generally play with a 2 to 5 second delay, which was adequate (but still not great, of course).


Can you give us the numbers, Steve asked for in the other post, @Hyperstarr? Which oneshot did you use that had that massive delay?


@new_vision All one-shots in the LMOP #1 soundset and the global ones - didn’t matter which one I played. It was worse when a mood was playing. Switching the server seemed to help quite a lot. Then I also switched from Windows desktop player to the Android player - don’t know if that improved things, too. I was just deperate to get things working asap, so I tried everything I could think of.

Is there a port I should forward in my router? I do have uPnP on, though.


177 ms for Los Angeles
2 ms for Helsinki, Finland

Nothing surprising, imo.


so, in my own city:
9 ping, 258Mbps down, 24mbps up

To New York:
139 ping, 250Mps down, 20Mbps up

The latency keeps to 2 to 4 seconds before a oneshot sound is played, even when done repeatedly (Sword slash), thought some start faster after using once.
Problem with that is that most of the sounds are used once during a game, so that’s not really a solution.


What about the data transfer rate? A quick respond from the server doesn’t ensure good download rates.


Hmmm, yeah, that is really unfortunate. For the moment, the data has to be transfered to every participating player. Do you experience this delay even when you use the online player stationary only for yourself?


60 Mbps down, 12 up Los Angeles
145 Mbps down, 50 Mbs up Helsinki


Final question for everyone from Europe experiencing the delays - what time of day do you experience the delays?


I’m sorry I do not understand the question about the transfer rate.

As for time of day, usually we play in the evening but I’ve been testing in the morning and midday, same issues.


The transfer rate question was aimed at Hyperstarr, you were already good. :wink:

As for time of day - that is indeed helpful. Thanks!


I would like to echo the reports from Hyperstarr etc. I am in the UK. The local latency is good here but still get delays when using the online and desktop player. A European server is a great call


@sebastiaanbabyn @Hyperstarr @chriseurolog There was a problem we recently discovered where playing a mood would increasingly slow down (by several seconds) even on good connections as more and more oneshots were seen in your play history over time. That particular issue should be resolved now.

Can you please confirm if the issue is still happening? If it is, I have some more questions:

  • Does it happen for moods, or elements, or both?

  • If it happens for elements, does it happen for music/sfx or oneshots, or both?

    Keep in mind that many elements often have an initial delay programmed in. If you have a SuperSyrin subscription you can duplicate a soundset to inspect the configuration of its elements, or customise them, or create your own test elements with no initial delay.

I would expect that typically with the ping and transfer speeds you have reported, there should be no significant delays using the online player. From click to hearing audio should be less than 1 second.