ERROR MESSAGE "Syrinscape cannot access the internet. Please check your internet connection"

It sounds like something is preventing Syrinscape’s access to the Internet.

Check these common causes

  1. Do you have access to the internet? Check to see if you can access your browser
  2. Is your Firewall controlling the Application’s access to the internet? If so then give permission to Syrinscape;
  3. Is your anti-virus software preventing Syrinscape from running?? Some over zealous programs block Syrinscape, you will need to tell it that Syrinscape is safe;
  4. Are you accessing the internet through a proxy? That can sometimes confuse the program (make sure you’ve signed in or ask your network admin for help);
  5. Check your system is not infected by the “GorillaPrice” Adware Virus (or anything else that inserts content into internet content you access) You might see adverts inserted into pages you browse. These malicious programs can prevent Syrinscape running.
  6. Does your windows Log-In name have any special characters in it? If so try installing under a user with just normal ASCII characters and see if that works. Unity doesn’t cope well with accented letters or symbols

I have gone through this entire list I am having no luck I have disabled firewall and anti virus.

Can you tell what ports the program is using to communicate over the network to see if the ports are being blocked

Thank you

I have also gone through this list and am still unable to run it. Is there anything else I could try?

@kayla_clarke you can remove blessed devices here:

I’ve already done this for your account, and removed the file that the app is trying to load (so it should be re-generated).

You could also try the Sci-Fi player to see if it has the same issue?

Let me know if you’re still having trouble?