Error : Failed to retrieve manifest for mon4 - RESOLVED



I had a problem with one playlist of my new soundset : Mask of Nyarlathotep - Egypt.
I try to downlaod it for a week, but there is always a error message :

I tried to uninstall and reinstall the player, but that didn’t change anything. How can I fix that ?



I’ve just given your account a gentle kick so hopefully is should install for you now. Working? :slight_smile:


No, always the same problem and and it stay in “Queued for download” :frowning:


That’s very strange. I’ve reset your chapters (Soundsets) which usually resolves this issue. did the other parts of Mon4 install ok, just “An Audacious theft” that wont install?


Yes others is good. No problem with it.

It’s very annoying, because I will need it soon :frowning:


I’ll reprocess a download for this Chapter and see if that helps.


Give it a minute…


OK. Give it a try now?!?

Any good?


It’s good now, thanks a lot !


Yay! Always glad to help!