Error 400 when creating a new soundset? - RESOLVED


I’ve just started using the online Soundset Creator, so apologies if this is a stupid question / not a bug!

I want to create a new soundset, but don’t want to duplicate an existing soundset - I want a blank canvas, as it were.

I assume I do this by clicking on the “+” next to the Soundsets title. However, when I do this, a (I guess) error bar appears near the top of the screen, in red (well, a sort of pink!) saying just “400” and a closing “X” icon - I guess this is an error message?

Am I doing something wrong? Is there another way to create a blank soundset, or do you have to duplicate an existing one every time?


I’m currently having the same problem.


@Brother_Oak @Michaelhaystone I have a fix for this that will be deployed to production at the next opportunity. I’ll post here again when it’s done.


@Brother_Oak @Michaelhaystone This should be fixed now.


Perfect. Works fine now. Many thanks!