Equalization for Outdoor to Indoor Elements


So, I have been playing around making my own sound sets, and one thing that I find myself wishing to do, is adjust outside elements to sound as if they are being heard indoors, and I think that would be easily produced by equalizing the current sounds that I already have in the set.

So imagine it is raining, thundering, and lightning outside, but now you want to enter a house, but wish to hear that same stuff as if being heard from inside - muffled.

Adjusting distance and volume doesn’t create the same effect as cutting the high end would do. Could be an equalizer, base-n-treble, or a simple high-end filter.

I tend to move place to place is the same environment, and to reflect that would be awesome. Thanks.


One way to do it is to create a duplicate element but change its reverb and lower its volume. Then just make a mood for outside, and one for inside with the changed settings. Maybe @benjamin can add a muffled reverb to help with this effect.


Yeah, I’ve already played with reverb and volume, but not the same effect. Thanks for the suggestion however!

I am a fan of leveraging existing sounds, instead of uploading several versions of the same sounds. Just seems that it would not only help the user, but also help the SyrinScape. Why have 100 different lightning strikes on the server, taking up space (paying for space), when we could have 10 lightning strikes that we can edit audibly, to fit the locale we are currently in? You know?

Plus how would we be able to accurately label all these different versions of these files? “Lightning Outdoors”, “Lightning while Indoor Near the Door”, “Lightning heard from the Basement”, etc… then think about the rain and other sounds we have playing outside, as well as all the other hundreds of thousands of sounds we have on the server. Zombie outside, zombie behind door… imagine searching through all those files. Yikes!

Just seems more efficient, cheaper, and more versatile if we could have one single switch and or slider, to cut the high end of the audio spectrum, or something.


The high-end filter is a great idea, that could have some good use in customizing existing sound! :+1:

About the multiple uploads of the same sample - you must differentiate between elements and samples here. When you use a “Thunder” element, that consists of several thunder samples and you create a “Thunder indoors” element, that has different settings but the same samples, the latter won’t take up any additional server space, as the basic samples are the same. Elements are cheap, size-wise. So unless you would use completely new samples, you won’t take up additional server space. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I understand that is how it works with elements, which is why I am suggesting a high end filter for element settings; otherwise, to pull off what I am trying to pull off, we WOULD have to have different sounding samples, which would take up space. I am trying to avoid that :slight_smile: