Enhanced Soundsets with NPC Dialog


I love the Pathfinder 1e Curse of the Crimson Throne sound set. To be honest, before this one, I was pretty middle of the road. The moods and sounds are a nice touch but most of my players can take it or leave it, to be honest.

However, that changed with the Curse of the Crimson Throne sound pack. This one includes actual NPC dialog which brings the sound set from a meh… optional to an absolute essential part of the game. My players and I love it.

Question… will you be enhancing other sound sets (cough Rise of the Runelords, Strange Aeons) to include NPC dialog in the future, as well?



Crimson Throne was really dialogue heavy and the dialogue bits an essential part of the whole story lines. That’s why we decided to give this a try. So - I really love that you and your players love it! :kissing_heart:

As for upgrading old soundpacks - this is an interesting request and we will talk about if and how that is a possibility. Thank you again for loving it and your support. :heart_eyes: