Elf reveal suggestions

Hello all! Looking for another set of suggestions. In my scene a Tolkien elf lord reveals himself to the party at their camp and then continues to grace them with his presence through the night. Having never seen such a being I’d like to reveal him with a heavenly or ethereal rising chorus (in a one shot form)…and then some kind of ongoing tinkling bells (or something similar) to sit in the background during the RP conversations.

As always, thanks in advance for your advice!

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For the entrance one-shot, try the Cleric Spells D&D set, the “aid” or “bless” one shots. Several others of those spell one-shots may also work. “Holy Weapon” from Paladin spells D&D could also be useful.

For the ongoing sounds, a couple of suggestions are: Temple of the Healing Hand, the “temple bells” element. The “crystal pillars” element from Wizard’s Tower. The “divine windchimes” in Romance or “magical windchimes” in Lich.

I hope that helps!


You always do, thanks HECook!

Channel Divinity will probably be the entrance sound I’ll go with, and divine windchimes definitely