Elements missing when moods are duplicated

I’ve made a campaign. Within it, I’ve made my own soundset. I was going through the available soundsets with the idea of taking moods that are appropriate, duplicating them, then using the campaign creator to add them to the soundset I made. When I do this and open up the new mood in my soundset, I find it’s missing about a third of the elements that were in the original. Am I doing something wrong? Or am I going to have to start building moods by searching and adding individual elements?

Heya @jmoc.oohay,

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Questions: if you now refresh the interface are the missing elements now there - as in the didn’t NOT copy, they rather were not showing (which is also a bad thing we can fix).

Let me know. :robot: :hammer:


Sorry for the delay. Didn’t get time to dive back in until today. It seems that once I logged back in, all the elements are there in my duplicates. I guess in the future I can try refreshing or logging on and off. Honestly, come to think of it, my connection isn’t all that stable, so there’s a good chance this is an issue with my internet. Thank you for responding. Syrinscape has been adding a lot of fun to my campaign! About time I really learned to use it…