Elemental Airship


Hey all, wondering if there are any good sound sets for the Eberron airships? I’ve been trying a few space-ship themed and everything sounds a little too modern for me. Are there any sounds sets in particular I should look at? Or is it going to be a matter of figuring out how to make a custom track for it?


While there is not one currently, I can certainly make some suggestions for how to make a custom mood for one!

Start with the High Seas set for some creaking wood and rope and whatnot. Add in some wind (or a lot of wind) from Elements - Wind, and then some fire from Elements - Fire for the binding ring. Possibly pop into the Shimmering Veils set for a bit of magical resonance to represent the arcane forces at play. Thrown boulders (Stones Over Sandpoint) or crossbow bolts/ballistae (Wizard Spells - Ezren) make for some great ship’s weapons.