Element Volume, Initial Volume, & SyncInitial Volume


Hey Guys,
I just attempted my first soundset and in the creator it sounded just right, but after uploading it I noticed the volume on everything was just way off. I must not be understanding the volume settings correctly. So, can someone help clarify? Here’s what I am wondering about:

  1. The actual volume up&down slider bar on the element itself (in the middle “elements” section where you actually press the icon to make it play)
  2. In the property inspector, it says “initial volume.” How/Why is that different from above? (Also, the soundset itself appears to have an "initial volume. How is that different from an element’s initial volume?)
  3. What does “sync initial volume” do?

Thanks for the help!

(Also, since I’ve uploaded my “Lizardfolk Encounter” soundset to the server, will it auto-update after I make changes? Will I have to re-upload? Thanks!)


Firstly, have you watched all these videos here?

Particularly the one on elements (obviously) :slight_smile:



Initial volume: is the volume the slider is sitting on when Syrinscape first opens that SoundSet.
Sync Initial volume: will make that setting equal whatever the slider on the element happens to currently actually be set to
You’re going to want to set Mood/element volumes. OR use the “SET MOOD TO CURRENT STATE” button.

Does that explain a bit better… have a look at the MOOD tutorial video above as well, and then ask some more specific questions as needed.

ALSO: THANKS FOR BEING A SUPERSYRIN!!! :strawberry: :cookie:


Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, I had already watched those videos, which is why I was asking. I think the thing that is throwing me is the term “initial.” Like…if that’s the initial volume…is there a final volume? Was I missing another volume setting somewhere? Anyway, let me state what I think you & your video are saying, and you can correct me if I’m wrong:

-The vertical volume setting directly on the element is there so we can quickly test the volume at different levels. Once we have the volume that we like for a sound, we then “sync initial volume” so that way the volume of the mood will match my desired tested volume. If I then hit “set mood to current state,” on an active element, the volume of the element in that mood upon starting will match to what I just set. Is that about right?

-Secondly, since the sounds of my first attempt at “Lizardfolk Encounter” were not exactly what I wanted, I have gone back and made some changes, then re-uploaded. I now have appearing in my soundsets “Lizardfolk Encounter” and “Lizardfolk Encounter (1).” I’m fairly certain there’s going to be “Lizardfolk Encounter (2)” when I re-re-upload my soundset now that I’ve realized all of the volumes were way too quiet. So, how can I get rid of the previous editions so they don’t show up in my syrinscape player and as downloadable soundsets in the editor? I only want the best version to appear.



This is exactly as it is in the Player = a volume slider you can grab any old time and Syrinscape will obey your command.

NOPE… :frowning: Once you’ve got everything sounding just right you either:

  1. Save a new mood with a name you make up
  2. SET MOOD TO CURRENT STATE and that changes the mood with current focus to what you are hearing now (that is a) what is playing PLUS b) how loud is it)

NOPE :smiley: "SET CURRENT MOOD edits the entire MOOD to sound like what you are hearing.

This one sets where the slider is sitting when the SoundSet is first loaded into the Player.

You can delete YOUR custom SoundSets in the Campaign manager here: https://syrinscape.com/account/campaigns/
Simply click the little ‘-’ at the bottom right of the SoundSet picture.

All makes sense?!


Cool, I think I got all of that. I’m sure had we been actually speaking with our voices to one another, this would have been much easier. I think I did a poor job typing out my issues, but your replies managed to cover everything pretty well. Thanks for trying to work it out with me. Hopefully in 1 or 2 more uploads I’ll have the process down!

Thanks for the help!


Yeah, it’s a matter of getting used to:

  1. The way we built the creator to work, and what different things mean etc
  2. The actual idiosyncrasies of the program

Once you’ve done a few, you’ll get into t a pattern.

In the meantime, NEVER hesitate to ask questions… even silly ones! :smiley:

I and everyone else here are always glad to help out!


Benjamin. I’n regards to this I may have found a bug. In the creator I have some playlists named for the type of music in their (I.e. Dramatic, Dark, Fast Tempo, etc.) Because they aren’t needed for moods (I load a mood then go to the music and play that over the mood) I have edited the initial volume to be lower. This is reflected in the syrinscape app on my ipad but it is not reflected in the syrinscape master player. They still play at 100% initially instead of the 45% I set them at. I have removed the set and reuploaded many time with the soundset initial volume and the element initial volume all at 45%. Either way the changes aren’t reflected in the Master player. Although volume sets for mood are.


Cool. This is good info.

I shall investigate.