Element Sorting Button?


It would be awesome to have a button in the Master Interface of the online player that alphabetizes all the elements in an original soundset!
As you pull various elements in to construct your moods, it can get a bit messy!! And drag & dropping each element to organize them takes a LONG time!


Yep this is a good call! Being able to click a button to organize them alphabetically would be super helpful, especially being a DM when you have enough things to worry about. Finding a certain sound can be difficult sometimes.


Good idea. I’ll add it to the TO DO list. :slight_smile:

NOTE: that doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily happen super quick, but it will happen sometime.

There are a couple of other element related things I want first (eg being able to quickly delete all elements NOT used at all in a current SoundSet… often we end up with lots of useless stuff hanging round, and a quick way to clean up would be very nice)


Thank you so much :slight_smile:
My Avernus crew are loving the various soundsets, and you’re helping scare the utter crap out of my Strahd players!!!
Thanks again!