Element Properties won't play sample

On the online player I cannot seem to get the individual Element Playlists to play. When I click on the Properties menu and try to play an item under the Element Playlist, the icon turns blue but doesn’t play. I noticed an older forum but this seems to be an issue for me still. Has this been fixed or is this still on issue with the online player?

Hi @samathern,

This was a feature that was broken when the Web Player was built from the Online Player. We are working on a fix.

Same goes for playing samples from search. The fix for THAT WILL be deployed very soon. :pizza: :octopus:

In the meantime if you roll back to the Online Player whenever you want to individually audition samples from a playlist that will work for you there.

The time of “soon :pizza: :octopus:” has arrived! Playing Samples directly from an Element’s Playlist has come to app.syrinscape.com, so falling back to using the Online Player should no longer be required.

For more details, see: [Master Interface/Web Player] Hearing Samples from Search and Element Playlist