Element playlist not working


Hi! I uploaded some custom music for my dnd sessions but and when i try to listen each of them separatedly so i can delete the ones i dont like in the element playlist it just doesn`t play, if i click on the music button i made the music plays fine (though sometimes it plays a couple of tracks and suddenly stops, i also don’t know why this happens…) but it doesn’t show which tracks are playing at the moment so once again there’s no way for me to know which tracks to keep and wich don’t

I’ve been trying this for several days in different computers and different browsers, also different internet connections but nothing it just doesn’t work.

I’ve read other posts about this and some people says it’s because it’s updating the soundset with an folder icon on the side, well that isn’t happening and if it happens cause i delete a random track or whatever it takes a while updating then dissappears but everything still the same, can’t listen to each individual track.

Any suggestion? Anybody else with the same problem?


Hi @apsantamera

I suspect you are NOT using the latest version of the Online Player App.

Is it giving you a message that you need to update (when you start up).

And update will fix this prob.

Works? :slight_smile: :smiley:

i.e. this was a bug with an older build that has now been corrected.