Element playlist not showing as playing


Every so often I play a music element, and every so often I catch a song in the playlist that I don’t like, or maybe I really do like, and I want to either delete it from the playlist or just make note what song it is. What I get though is no real time feedback on what song is actually playing in the playlist.

As you can see below, the element “Calm” is playing, and when I check out the playlist, you can see that none of them are showing a ring around them. So I have no clue what song is actually playing.


@dorpond Thanks for the report. I had noticed this too occasionally. When it happens, reloading the master interface has fixed it for me. Not a permanent solution, and annoying that you (currently) have to navigate your way back into the current soundset and element playlist.

I’ve made a ticket to investigate this further.

If you could find a way to reliably reproduce the problem, that would help a lot.


It seems to happen every creative session, so I’ll figure out the trigger. I bet it has something to do with either uploading an asset, auditioning assets, or rearranging assets.

When I mess around next time, I’ll write down every step. We’ll nail this one - bugs can’t hide from me. :sunglasses::beer: