Electricity Super-Power?


I’m having trouble finding an Electric sound in the (Not sure what they’re called) buttons to the right of the menu. I run comicbook superhero campaigns and can’t believe there’s not a readily available electricity blast option.
That being said, a sonic blast, thrown projectile (twirling knife, batarang, etc.) would also be a nice addition. There seems to be a lot of options for the same thing, generic energy projectiles. But not a single option for other types of powers. Unless you count the freeze ray that sounds like a deadly aresol can of spray paint. (The fire blast actually sounds pretty okay though.)
If anyone can point me to the soundsets on the sci-fi subscriber program that might have these, I’d be very appreciative. Obviuosly I’ve tried all the normal superhero sets.


Your best bet for electricity would be two-fold. One, Starfinder Handheld Weapons, the “shock” category (also sonic, and fire). Two, Alien Storm, which has some big lightning effects.

However, could I direct your attention to the Fantasy Player as well? In the universal one-shots there, there is a fire spell, lightning spell, and ice spell (sound effects only, no vocals) that I believe is precisely what you’re looking for. Dream Quests II also has a great “chilling grasp” one-shot that’s another great ice one. Thrown weapons - Female Rogue has a thrown dagger, and Grimple Battle has throw stones.

I hope that helps!


Have you tried searching for Energy or Lightning, there’s a whole load of different soundsets with electrical blast sounds. Try looking at “Street Fight”, “Contest of Champions”, “Natural Disasters” or “Cthulhu Rises”. Like @HECook said the “Starfinder Handheld weapons” soundset also has a good selection of sonic, fire, beams etc.