Egyptian Music and The Map Room


I am currently running Mask of Nyarlathotep and am looking for something better for background music rather than the stock MoN sound set. In addition, I am looking for a way to loop the music from the The Map Room from Indiana Jones for the final encounter, but am a bit clueless on the best approach.

Thanks for the assistance!

Try Kenet from the Board Game Player for your music choice!

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Can you give me a link-I am not sure what you are referring too.

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Here it is!
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As for looping Map Room from IJ (great song choice by the way. Full of mystery and drama!)

-You can create your own element by hitting the + icon next to elements in the master interface.

-click properties on the right and click the drop down menu for Elements

-click Import Samples and then upload your mp3 of The Map Room
-the last time I did this it made me select a License option, I just clicked sample name. I assume this is for streamed online games or something. But it doesn’t matter in private games.

-give the Element a name, set the type to Music, and make sure to set the sample playlist to repeat when playlist is exhausted

-if you want you can select to crossfade

I do this with a lot of my games cause I’m picky about my music choices. Hope that helps!