Eeeeek! How do I switch from trial to subscription? RESOLVED

Says my trial ends on the same day as my next game! Is there a way to resubscribe before the trial ends so I don’t need to worry about loosing my nicely scrambled sound sets?


I’d click subscribe, however because I have the trial, it says I already have this subscription, which will end of the 13th.

You set up a reoccurring subscription when you set up your trial. So your sub will continue when the trial ends unless you cancel it before hand. You don’t need to do anything if you want it to continue :grin:

I think I cancelled at the beginning just incase I chose not to resubscribe and forgot all about it… so I don’t think there’s an active subscription set up.

In which case you would need to wait for the trial to end and then just sign up again. Any campaigns etc. that you have set up are linked to your email address so will still be there once you restart the sub, so you won’t lose anything