Echo / Double play - ASIO error?

I’m had this a few times and it’s a getting to be a problem where I play elements of a sound set just fine. Then when I play a one shot and it seems as though the sample triggers multiple times so I get the character speech three time playing all variants at once. This then will continue back to the sound set samples so I hear the samples on top of each other.

I wonder if this an ASIO issue but I can’t see an option on syrinscape players to select the ASIO used or its routing?

Any ideas?

So I’m still getting the double echo when I try some sample and its getting quite annoying. I’m pretty sure it’s not my sound set-up as the same set when loaded to an offline player works just fine. But… the offline player sample just stops mid way through a sample.

Wild West down is the set I’m using and I either get an echo of the Wagon sample if I use the online player or the sample just stops half way through if I use the offline Sci-Fi player. Any thoughts anyone?

Which version of Syrinscape are you running? The Web Player, Syrinscape Online? and do you only have one instance of the app open?

If you are running the Web Player do you also have the Online Player app open? if so that will cause an echo, as you are sending the sounds to two different instances of Syrinscape

Thanks Steve,
I’m using the web player and only have one instance of the player open. I share the link from the burger icon and open a tab to paste the link in there. The online player app isn’t open.

I’ll play a sound and the first loop is fine then it’s as if though there is no command to stop the first loop playing then the next loop starts and the first loop carries on as well.

I can post a vid if that would help?

Just to check, so you have the Web Player open and also open a second tab using the link?

If so that will be your issue. As both tabs will be playing sounds, one as the host and the second as a guest.

If that’s not the case then yeah, a video might be really helpful. Probably best to email it to us at support and then we can take a proper look for you :grin:

Hmmnn that’s odd as I don’t get any sound with just a single tab open where my control panel is, I have to have to use the online player app or the web player in the second tab. So best approach is not to use the web player app locally and stick to the app?

Are you sure you are just using and not

When you first used app.syrinscape you would have been asked to allow it to use your devices audio devices.

It may be better to send us a video or screen shot at support

Thanks! Yes pretty sure I’m in the App.

Definitely sounds (get it?) like there’s some shnanigens going on with TABS not being heard correctly.

Are you running in Chrome? Maybe try Firefox or Edge to see if you are getting a similar result.

Restart too? That is always a good go to! :smiley:

Let us know how you go… and definitely send a detailed video if you are still not having good luck. :game_die: :robot: :hammer: