Dynamic/Adaptive soundtracks


Hey guys, I had this idea floating in my mind for a while and thought Syrinscape could be the best bet for something like this.

The core of the idea would be to have a very basic speech recognition feature (speech to text) that the DM could use to pre-plan some keywords or phrases that would then trigger associated sounds or music during the game.

Simply saying “Roll for initiative” would trigger battle music or “The room is completely silent” might stop the track or switch to a very quiet one.

I think it would be extremely helpful in terms of aiding the flow of the game.

Ideally (and hopefully in the future) it would be amazing to have natural language processing tech (like the one developed by google for duplex) so you wouldn’t need to pre-set anything and the app could change the soundtrack dynamically by listening to the game.

Just throwing it here, would be cool to see it happens at some point (even just the speech to text stuff)


It’s not speech to text but with Dulux’s sound extension for Fantasy Grounds you can trigger sounds by text strings.

I know it’s not for every software and it’s not usable for home games but you could say it’s a proof of concept. I think it would be best as a third party app though. Something like a button dock that trigger preset APIs but you can set up keywords. For syrinscape to take on developing something like this seems like it’s moving away from their core function. Syrinscape is really good at what they do and have provided the APIs for something like this to happen.


that sounds pretty good!

Yeah I think if the API is out there it shouldn’t be terribly hard to pickup and do text recognition that triggers that externally.

The problem is that I don’t see anyone doing it except as a fun project/side hobby thing.

Curious to see stuff like this pop up and experimented with in the future.
I personally tend to get really out of focus when having to think about using different music or sounds so something like that would be a blessing :smiley:


Theres actually quite a lot of specialist software already out there that does this. Software for the visually impaired that allows the user to speak a command, which will then trigger the URI to be triggered. As long as the software can recognise your command and then trigger a preset URI then Syrinscape is good to go :slight_smile:

But yes you are right, it would be pretty awesome!