Dwarven Themed Sounds Elements


Hey team, I’m just a few days old here, and maybe I just have typed in the proper search keywords, but I am looking for anything that sounds like I am in a Dwarven city, in a mountain.

  • Dwarven style music for an inn.
  • Dwarven grunts and such from the black smith as he is hammering.
  • Dwarven sounding people for an inn and walking about the city.

All we need are some recordings of Irish or English people, which shouldn’t be too hard. :slight_smile:

I like to have the Elven, Gnome, Dwarven, Half Orc towns, sound like it could really be those towns.

Excellent product and thank you for any advice.

Oh, and while I have you, when I search for elements and sounds in the creator, does the search just search the name of the files, are each files tagged with multiple keywords for searching? Sometimes when i search for things that I think would be very common, I am surprised how few come up (can’t remember which search’s specifically). Just just curious how your search engine works to help me locate stuff easier. Thanks!


For some general mine ambiance and a dwarven NPC, may I recommend the Matt Mercer Nostoc set. As for dwarven sounds in general, Friendly Tavern and Tavern Brawl has an element called “manly men” which is deeper, gruffer conversation that could serve as dwarves, disregarding the “bright rowdiness” and similar conversational elements. Dwarven music could be either the pirate music in High Seas Battle, or in Dragon Battle, the song “Battle Drums Like A Giant Heart”. Blacksmith sounds can be found in the Blacksmith set or Bustling Port Town! You could add some nice forge fire sounds from Glassworks with the “glass furnace up close”, if you’d like there to be a forge fire instead of a regular one. Or perhaps Elements - Fire could give you some other inspiration with things like bubbling lava sounds or what not!

If you’d like something gnomelike, I would recommend Gnomeland Security, which has a nice gnome town with some great, bright hoedown music.

Elf music and general ambiance would be Elven Vale Day and Elven Vale Night. One has a single meditative singer, the other has a flute for music.

For Half-Orcs, the Hobgoblin Bar fight has some sounds and growls that might be useful. But mostly Friendly Tavern using the deeper growls and sounds might suit. For music, you might like the Ettin Battle music (Chaw’s Song + Gorger’s Song + Ettin Chest Beating + Ettin Drum).