Dual Control setup?


I’d like to use Syrinscape at my live table, but with a likely abnormal setup. I’d like to designate one of my players to be the table’s “Sound Person”, while at the same time being able to have my own ability to adjust the sounds. I’m wanting to do this without having to pass a phone/laptop back and forth between the two of us. Is this possible?

Is there a way to have two devices, logged in with the same account, at the same time, to have access to the Master Interface?

My first thought is to have a Remote session from one device to a second device. The second device is used by the Sound Person, while the GM (me) can remotely control the second device to adjust settings. I was wondering if there was a cleaner way to do this?


Yes, just use Syrinscape Online and access the Master Interface from two different devices logged into the same account. If both devices are mobile/tablet you will need a 3rd device to run the Online Player app for audio output. If either device is a laptop you can run the Online Player and Master Interface from it. You might also be able to use multitasking on a tablet to run both on one device.