Dragon Heist Soundset - released!


So… Is the Dragon Heist soundset arriving today? Can’t wait! :grinning:


Tomorrow! It’s supposed to be on the 8th, so soon, my technomancer, soon…


I had the same question.
Wizards of the coasts says its today (9-7-18)



Thanks!!! Awesome! First official D&D soundset from the best program ever… :slight_smile:


The Syrinscape facebook page says the 8th… https://www.facebook.com/Syrinscape/

Just sayin… :slight_smile:


Ah… missed that… I don’t do facebook… lol


Final polishing happen now… :smiley:

The D&D team are super keen to get everything just perfect and shiny… so we are now aiming at just before 18th which is when it actually goes into wide release.

(basically checking all the branding and art usage and wording of everything)
(which is important)
(but really want to get you all the sounds)
(because… AMAZING!!!)


Still going to get it but color me disappointed. Got a call today saying I could pick my copy up. Was hopping to start out our adventure with this custom sound set… It’s cool though! Still going to buy it


Getting excited again… “Just before the 18th” might mean soon! Very excited to see an official soundset for Dragon Heist! :smile:


Today is the day!!! What time is it expected to be available?


Yeah I am excited. Been putting off running dragon heist till this comes out.


Waiting on this also! :eyes:


Any word yet? I’ve been holding off starting Dragon Heist just for the soundset. I can’t wait!


It’s up on the store now. Chapters 1-3. $10.99.


Just a quick issue I found. DH Xanathar’s Hideout the hot button for “I confess” featuring Volo cuts out before he finishes speaking. Great work on this otherwise!


@sn0wraven THANKS!

I’ll fix it right away!

Find more tweaks. :slight_smile:

@sn0wraven Fixed!


So all Fantasy and SuperSubs should be able to see NINE new Waterdeep: DragonHeist SoundSets in the Fantasy Player (all under “DH…”). MANY gorgeous new environments & encounters in this stuff. Hope you love them as much as we loved making them.


Found another. DH GRALHUND VILLA, the second icon with House Gralhund cuts off the end prematurely as well. :grimacing:


@sn0wraven Fixed! :slight_smile:



Chapter 4 is LIVE!