Downloads stalling at 100% - FIXED


Hi there,

I have just downloaded and installed the sryinscape player and logged in to my fresh syrinscape account.
This all on my windows 10 laptop.
My problem is that whenever i click download and install button on any package, it downloads to 100%, waits 2 minutes and re-downloads the same stuff over and over without installing anything. i can’t use the player, as none of the packages it downloads actually installs.

is this a known problem? am i just dumb?

help please, really want to use this program next sunday.

Couldn’t find this exact problem on the forums, nor in the faq.


Hi @Selie

We are in fact in the middle of a great-big-server-upgrade and are still working through a few bumps.

Luckily there’s an easy work around for the problem you are experiencing:

  1. Once the download stalls at 100%
  2. Just Cancel
  3. And then restart
  4. The download should then go all the way through.

Let me know if that works for you?!


Thanks for the quick reply @Benjamin

The problem isn’t that the download stalls, in fact it goes to 100% rather quickly.
The problem at the moment is that once the download is complete, the message box says that the package is back in the download queue. it then waits for a bit and downloads the entire thing again.
i checked the file location and the package is all there.
the player just doesn’t want to install it (or recognise it’s there) for some reason.


never mind, its working right now.
i changed nothing, but it’s all good.
bless RNGsus

i guess the problem was part of that server update you just mentioned!


We actually worked out a fix… in the time it took you to reply! :smiley:

THANKS for your patience through this!

Enjoy all the noise!!!


I’m also experiencing this issue on my newly installed macbook. But I have to cancel and restart the download multiple times. It used to work without problems on the same macbook before it was fully wiped and reinstalled (and updated to the latest mac os version).

Any ideas what to look for to fix this?


Hi @eXaminator This issue seems to be usually caused by:

  1. Slowish internet connection at your end. I have often experienced this when I’m using a public or hotel wi-fi = often when I’m quickly trying to install stuff for an upcoming DJ of a show… can be frustrating… but yes, stopping and restarting (which does a resume form where you were up to) seems to usually get the SoundSets through to completion.
  2. Now if the above is true… then maybe when our servers are VERY busy, then the problem may be theoretically at our end too., in which case, try and avoid weekends and especially weekend evenings. (US time)

Have you noticed this problem being more frequent at the times I mentioned?


I am experiencing thison my iPhone 8 Plus, latest IOS as of todays date. Gets to 100% then stops. You can only cancel. Deleted app and reinstalled, same issue.


My internet / network is good and I can’t say I notice any difference in time. Since reinstalling my mac / syrinscape I haven’t had a single soundset that downloaded in one go. I always have to cancel / restart, often multiple times. Even for Custom Moods (which I expect to be very small).


Hmm, this one seems to be primarily an Apple problem. Has anyone experienced similar behavior on Android/PC devices repeatedly? I know there are hiccups now and then with the 100%, but it can instantly be fixed by cancelling and reinstalling the soundset.



I somehow suspect some changes in one of the later Mac OS X versions as I used an older version before wiping / reinstalling everything without problems. I’m on the latest (High Sierra) right now.