Downloads slow/hanging


I’ve been working on updating my soundset library, however the download speeds I’m seeing today are a fraction of what they’ve been historically. Is there something going on with the back-end that could be affecting this?

Right now mutiple soundsets (doesn’t matter which one I try) take several minutes to download - often sit for 5-10 seconds at a time at 0Mbps transfer speed and then when they get to 100% they simply hang. Cancelling and starting over does resolve the issue.

I’ve checked my own speeds through a speed check website and I’m consistently getting 150+ Mbps.



Hey @email_philwheeler, :smile:

Yes, all a part of our server upgrade, transfer etc.

Glad you found the work around for restarting… but yes, we are working on MUCH faster!

In fact, as of right now… the entire website looks dead… so working on that first! :grimacing:


Should be working perfectly now?! Yes?

Let us know.