Downloading Too Painful

So I’ve been subscribed for few months (with player version 1.4.10-pro installed) but I just can’t get past the annoyance of click after click after click after click, etc etc, to download all of the soundsets that come with my subscription.

I get that there’s an online interface but I don’t always have the luxury of a stable internet connection (edit: where I go to run games), so if I can’t download to the laptop that I run my games from online is not practical.

I can see there’s amazing work put in, the potentil is huge, and I’d be perfectly happy to leave my app running at home for hours or even a couple days if need be to auto download and update the soundsets I’ve subscribed for, but for now its more hassle than its worth.

Maybe someone will point out a feature I’ve missed that will solve this, and I’ll probably resub in a year or two to see if anything’s changed, but for now I’m cancelling my subscription.

Just wanted to put my 2c worth on the record in case I’m not alone and speaking up nudges a change, to either add a feature or make something not currently obvious more obvious.


I agree that the non-online version needs some love.

There’s all kinds of use cases for this.

  • When playing in a game store or other locations that lack a reliable internet,
  • somewhere with slow internet
  • GMs who like to be prepared to avoid technical glitches during the session

My concern is that Syrinscape grew during the Covid pandemic because of the rise of online gaming, but they may be forgetting their roots of in-person gaming and they may miss the swing back post pandemic to in-person.

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I agree, the download clicking and inability to port to a new computer. I did all the clicks once, but now that I’m purchasing a new computer… I can’t bear the thought of all the clicks again.

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You shooooooooooould be able to copy the Cache directly directly form computer to computer… put it in exactly the same place with the same directly structure?

Have a go and let us know if it works for you. :slight_smile:

Also: amy reason you can’t use the Web Player at a local table too? It has some really nice features (no need to preinstall content + really great search).

Also also: yes, we are keen to give some love to the older apps to as soon as we can spare some! :robot: :heart: :pizza: