Downloading is painful


There are a lot of files to download. Each one takes forever. If I queue up more than 3 at a time it will just sit there doing nothing.

I reinstalled 3 days ago and I’m STILL trying to download sounds. Specifically with the fantasy player, but I had the same issues with both other players.

There are how many individual sounds to download? Why is there still not a ‘download everything’ button? I found threads in the forum talking about how it would be added ‘soon’, back in, I think, 2014 or 2015. It’s 2018 now…

I’m 99% sure the problem isn’t on my end as I have a steady 200Mb connection. I’m able to download and stream from everywhere else.

Having to sit here and click a sound tab, then click download, then cancel it after it stops. Then try again. Then sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t is simply painful. When it does download it’s in double digit kbps speeds. VERY slow.

And no, cancelling and re-downloading is not a ‘fix’.


I’m running into this same issue just trying to download one soundset is taking forever


Unfortunately the server overload issues from a few days ago seem to have returned. I can vouch for Syrinscape generally being alot better in regards to it’s reliability.


I am having the same issues, I just purchased a subscription in anticipation of my game tonight. I had about 1/4 of the sound sets I needed and then the downloads started to stall out or they would reach 100% and then restart in Queue and download again. I thought it was my iPad, so I closed app multiple times, restarted and even deleted and re-downloaded the app. This last option stinks because I lost all of the previous downloads and now I have nothing. Super frustrating for sure, I have been trying to get it to work for the last 2-3 hours with no response. Guess its going to be a night without sounds…


Same problems here. In the middle of trying to use the soundset creator and having to try and try again to get downloads. Best bet when this happens is wait (feels like forever) and if it ‘fails’ try again. It will go through eventually. Good thing is that when using the app, once you have the sounds you’re good to go, whatever is causing the issues doesn’t seem to have an impact on the app’s performance beyond downloading.

Seems like someone needs to kick a server or three somewhere.


Hi all, Yep it looks like the server is having problems again, which I suspect are linked to the issue earlier this week and the huge traffic increase over the Gen Con weekend

Dev are looking into this now to find both a fix to the current problem and also to find a way to prevent it happening in the future!

Thanks again for your support and patience and we will get this fixed!


The dev team is working on this actively right now. Working through their Sunday… which I am very much appreciating. So keep the feedback coming through on this thread, both positive and negative, so we can keep a clear idea of people’s experiences.

THANKS everyone.




So far, so good on my end - infact it seems quicker than ever! Really appreciate it guys, thank you for the dedication.

Send a beer to your tech guys and charge my account :wink:


New to the community, heard about it with the Dragon Talk podcast. Regardless of the issues, which I am confident you will get fixed, the service itself is exactly what my table needed. Downloads were basically impossible last night but this morning has been much better.

P.S. Thank you dev team for working through your Sunday!


Just tried again and it is very slow again this afternoon :frowning:


@chriseurolog Sorry for the hassles.

When you say “very slow”. What are you actually experiencing. I’ve been installing stuff quite a lot over the last few days, and this morning with no hassle at all.

Give us a few more details so we can get stuck into this one. :slight_smile:


Going fine for me in Utah, USA. Would be nice to have a “Download All” button though


We hear you @davidthegnome. We actually have even better plans…! Wor hor hor! Just need the dev time to open!!!