Download sounds for use elsewhere? - RESOLVED


The idea of Syrinscape is fantastic, but I’d prefer to use the sounds in other software. Is it possible to download the sound sets for use in other apps?


Our sounds are designed to be used within the Apps, that’s what gives them their natural dynamic non repeating soundscapes. It’s the Apps that allow everything to play together

What are you wanting to do with the sounds?


I find the Syrinscape player to be cumbersome on the iPad, so I use a combination of apps to play music during games: Soundboard Studio 2 (for sound effects) and Cs Music (for music tracks). I would love to have the individual wav files (or MP3 or FLAC or whatever), load them into my software of choice, and go from there.


The very nature of Syinscape means that there are no MP3 or FLAC loops, every sound is individually playing with its own parameters. Think of it as less of a soundboard and more of a multimixer, mixing in all of those individual sounds.

Have you tried Syrinscape Online on your iPad? You may find that that the online version of the Player works better for you


Click the “Credits” tab for whichever soundset you’re interested in. The vast majority of the unmixed sound sources they use in their sets are available for free by following those links. You won’t have access to any of the custom music that’s been created for the set, however, but if you’re willing to mix the samples yourself that’s a possible solution.


This is NOT correct.

Picking a SoundSet at random… “Ghosts of Saltmarsh: The Styes I”
Of 528 samples, 70ish were originally sourced from 10 samples shared by Creative Commons (a licence I very much believe in)… THOUGH very few of these samples have not undergone significant transformation before appearing in Syrinscape.

See the specific list of creation commons attributions for this SoundSet here: