DotMM on its way still?


Hiya! I’m about to start a group into W:DH and saw that DotMM was on the calendar for release as a soundset (for five levels!). Is that still on its way? Are there plans to release subsequent levels of DotMM or will you all then switch over to some swashbuckling soundsets for the release of Ghosts of Saltmarsh?


Poke poke Any thoughts?


It is still in the pipeline, some levels are already done. There will probably a pack with six levels ready soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

And if we start something, we finish it. So, yeah, the whole Dungeon will be done.


Check out our Facebook feed to see some video clips of us collecting voices for DotMM at Wizards of the Coast a couple of weeks back. Halaster Blackcloak sounds amazing!


Yup. Chapters 1-6 will be arriving in the VERY SOON!

THANK YOU for your patience!!!


I’m have also started running it and am super excited to get the first six levels!!


We’re 12 levels in, but level 6: Lost Level is a hub for Halaster’s Gates. Was hoping this would be out soon since my party has jumped back there to explore this weekend.