Door Sounds and Things


Is there any one shots for door sounds? Or can we get some made? Different knocks on doors (wooden, metal, high and low pitch), creaking door opening, stone door rumbling, portcullis slamming down. Things like that?


There are many! Dungeon Depths has a creaking door and a giant door plus stone grinding against stone, Deserted Desert House has a door swinging shut, Slave Markets of Okeno has a metal cage door slamming shut, Bloss Thorn has a portcullis slamming, Shadow’s Dungeon 2 has a creaking door, Following the Clues has one called “bar door”, and Sins of the Saviors Part 5 & 6 has a crushing door.

If you like Sci-Fi doors, there’s an airlock open and close in the universal one-shots, keypad to a modern door in Government Facility, a sliding door in Office 2015, a powered door in Star Island, several elaborate doors (sauna and prison) in Claim to Salvation, a regular door in Ghroth, portal stone in Cultists, car door slam/lock/unlock in City Street 2015, and cryo tubes open/shut in Cryogenic Facility.

I hope that helps!


@HECook beat me to it! :smile:
Temple of the Jade Dragon has paper doors, Abandoned Lunatic asylum has frantic knocks, and Sins of the Saviours parts 5&6 has crushing door, perfect for heavy reinforced doors being sealed. Like HECook said we have many, many doors! just do a search (Top left of the App) and they’ll all show up for you


Thanks. Not sure I have any of those downloaded in the sound set creator so that might be why I didn’t find them.