Doomsday Dawn: The Lost Star stream

Hey Ben and Steve. Just a quit note to say we had a blast playing The Lost Star last night. With all new players and a new DM to pathfinder (me), I thought it went pretty darn well for session 0! I really enjoyed it. I think I heard one of you were in Rob’s stream for a while? Hopefully you made it long enough to hear us getting into the adventure!

The soundsets were perfect for the first part of the module! Can’t wait for session 2 next week. Thanks for all your efforts on the soundset, Steve!

Yep we both tuned in to watch!

Was a great game, I really enjoyed watching. Excellent DMing and a fun cast. Just sorry I couldn’t make it to the end, had to call it a night at 5am gmt lol. Looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for putting the Playtest soundsets to such good use. Both the ooze and the goblin battle sounded great over the channel. :grin:

:slight_smile: Yeah. Glad you are using them… and using them well!

THANK YOU so much for everything you do to spread the word about Syrinscape. It makes a big difference for us! :beers::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

You doing TwitchCon per-chance?

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Unfortunately, not doing twitch con. We have a group of six of us meeting in Whistler, BC from Oct. 13-20th for a week of IRL gaming with Fantasy Grounds and Syrinscape. Can’t wait! Rob2e will be there along with several other awesome gamers. That will be my quota of IRL stuff for a while… :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the youtube video from last night. First hour and a half is character creation in Fantasy Grounds. We had a blast!


Great thanks for sharing, I can catch the end of it now!

And for anybody interested in the new Pathfinder Playtest ruleset this is the perfect place to see them in action :slight_smile:

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Had our second and final session of the Lost Star last night. Steve, I think you were in Rob’s chat for at least a bit. The sounds were awesome once again. We really enjoyed the session. Thanks, guys for the tremendous work! I’m uploading the video to youtube now and will post it when it is finished.

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Yep I stayed as late/early as I could (Gmt to Pt is a killer lol). Really enjoyed it again though, will watch the rest of the show on Youtube :slight_smile:

Here is the video of the finale of the Lost Star. I’m still learning the ruleset (first time gm’ing any pathfinder game at all), but we had a great time and the sounds were amazing.