DOOM campaign sounds?

Hey everyone I just downloaded Syrinscape and this program is EXACTLY what I’ve been wanting to have for a long time. I am currently running an RPG campaign on Roll20 set in my own version of the DOOM universe (Here’s a link to the youtube streams [](http://Hell on Mars)) and I’m looking for what soundsets I will need to run the campaign. The different “levels” in the campaign have an array of themes but here’s a rundown of what I need to portray:


  • Industrial facilities with lots of machine noises for ambiance, think of the foundry level from DOOM 2016 for reference.
  • Government/military command center
  • High tech Laboratories before everything has gone horribly wrong.
  • High tech laboratories after everything has gone horribly wrong.
  • Hellscapes with tortured souls, foul beasts, desolation, and leave.
  • Fleshy organic terrain as our reality and hell start to overlap each other.

Sound Effects:

  • Mechanical Doors
  • Demons and Zombies
    • There are a lot of different demons, ideally I’d love for each to have a unique sound pallet.
    • Fireballs and energy waves
  • Weapons
    • Semi-auto Pistol (Single and multi-shot)
    • Magnum Pistol (Single shot)
    • Submachine Gun
    • Assault Rifle (Single and multi-shot)
    • Shotgun (Single and multi-shot)
    • Double-barreled Shotgun (Ideally with the breachloading sound effect)
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Chaingun
    • High Powered Sniper Rifle
    • Plasma gun
    • Light Machine Gun
    • Guass Cannon
    • BFG-9000
    • Chainsaw
    • Grenades
    • Knives

So what sets should I get?

Ok, hold on to your butts and BFG 9000s:

Alien Laboratory
Abandoned Space Station
Star Island (has some additional doors and military sounds/radios)
Freedom City 2525 (government/PA sounds for military)
Government Facility
Engine Room
Cryogenic Facility (great alarm and things going wrong in a lab-like setting)
Mi-Go Laboratory (organic science)
Modern Weapons
Starfinder Handheld Weapons (heavy shock or heavy sonic for BFG 9000)
Quasi-Organic Vessel
Spacedock (busy industrial)
Claustrophobia 1643 (Board Game player, good for when hell arrives on Mars)
Upside Down (good potential demon sounds, plus breathing mask sounds)
Path of Demons 1 & 2
Path of Devils 1 & 2
The Heroes of Undarin 1 & 3 (demons of several types)
Zombie Battle
Undead Battle
Outbreak (many types of undead)
Elements - Horror (good to layer over anything when needed to ratchet up unease)
Wizard Spells (Erzan) - for fireballs, etc
Wizard Spells D&D - ditto
Rogue - Female (Merisiel) - despite the female title, this set has the best dagger/knife slashes, stabs, and crits

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


@HECook never fails to impress! :slight_smile:

It does, I got most of those yesterday and I subscribed to make my own boards. This interface is so easy to use I’m amazed!

I wanted to get better weapon sounds and not all of the weapons had sounds in the existing libraries so I made my own from the games or on my own using free sound effects from the web where that didn’t work. I’m working on doing the same for all of the monsters now as well, it’s so incredibly easy to make this stuff work I’m excited beyond sense.

I’m not sure how to share links to what I’m working on if anyone wants to check it out, I have 15 weapons done so far, several of which have multiple firing modes and between 3 and 5 elements. The monsters will have Idle, attacking, pain, and death sounds and most will have between 7 and 10 elements per. This tool lets me do what I’ve wanted to do literally for years!

You should be able to make your campaigns and share them as Community Content (if you’re willing to let Syrinscape use your sounds and there’s nothing copyrighted in there) if that’s something you’d like to do. :slight_smile:

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100% Agree! And more words because There’s a word limit :slight_smile:

Just having fun expiramenting with sound effects for the Doom campaign., my players are going to love this.


I can’t seem to find any decent sound effects for a sinister energy portal. I’m looking for something that sounds like a disturbing slow churning vortex of energy. Any ideas?

If HECook can’t come up with something I can try making something for you tomorrow.

I like Shadow Giants, the shadow vortex trigger and various shadow vortex sounds for a kick-off, with the “vortex” element from Apex of Bone combined with “the rift (energy)” element from Abandon All Hope. Tammeraut’s Fate II has a “pulsing light” element that’s pretty cool, as well as a “shimmering” element that could work. Dragon Slayers has a “the rift” and “the rift (core)” that’s pretty freaky. Also, Sci-Fi Player’s Preserver Artifacts has a number of interesting elements, including “artifact of evil”, “artifact of disturbance”, “artifact of darkness” and similar ones to lend an extra edge.

I hope that helps!

Been a long while since I’ve posted a question but I’m trying to find a good bit of voice background sound for a military command center. So rapid reports and situation updates, that sort of thing. Nothing I’ve tried works well for this, the government center soundset has some stuff that almost works but it ends up sounding like a recording of an airport.

Any ideas?

I’m away from my computer, but what about Cyberpunk The Apartment? That has some military sounds. Alien Cantina had some too.

There just might be a WHOLE LOT MORE Cyberpunk coming out in Syrinscape next week, so there may be some stuff there too. Me = happy! :grinning:

ALSO: @HECook Me = sad we didn’t get to hang out this Gen Con!!! :frowning:

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(@benjamin me too!)

In addition to the Cyberpunk sets, Outbreak, Zombie Apocalypse, and Zombie Parking Garage have an element called “public announcements”. While some are specifically zombie-related, put at a low level they sound military-like. Star Island also has an element called “Security Personnel” which has some more relevant military chatter.


Thanks I will check these out

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You are amazing @HECook

If we had a “giveXP” button, I’d give you XP. (we are literally chatting about getting this done for our forums… I reckon it would be fun!)

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