Don't hear sound in Chrome

I’m using Fantasy Grounds and when I invite players I get 2 links, one for me as the GM and one for the players.


This opens automatically in a Chrome fork called Vivaldi.
I can’t hear any sound when playing any element/mood/etc.
When I open the player link I also cannot hear anything.
When I open the player link in Chrome itself, also no sound.
When I open the player link in MS Edge I can hear sound.

I copy the URL and paste into Chrome/Edge itself and it asks me to login.
I enter my login details and it sends me to the player page, not the gm Master.

What do I have to change in Chrome so I can hear sounds from the Master?
Or how can I login in Edge to get the Master?

It looks like you have made a few post after this one that appear to show you have things working now, is that the case? If so awesome and welcome to Syrinscape :grin:

If not, do you want to drop us an email to support and then we can take a proper look into things for you and see what’s happening. We are always monitoring the support email so you will usually get a much quicker response that way rather than here on the forum.

I’ll drop an email to support.